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What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization?


what is seo search engine optimization

What is SEO?

What is that child thinking about in the picture above?  If he was a business owner he would be thinking questions like, “Why is my competition getting so much more business than me?” or “Why is it that my competition’s phone rings off the hook all the time, but I am struggling to keep my business afloat?”  These are very pliable questions and are concerns of many business owners in their market.  This is where a professional SEO comes into the picture to help the business owner gain more exposure in front of clients and if there business model design allows, get them phone calls to help more people who are looking for their product or service.

SEO if you are not familiar with the term is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  The term SEO basically stands for ranking on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and being exposed to potential clients on the internet looking for your product or service.  If you are not ranking on Page 1 for your product or service in then it is very difficult for clients to locate your company on the internet and results in far fewer sales and exposure. If you have the proper on-page and off page SEO completed for your website then when clients search for your product or service they will be able to find your business, visit your webpage and then contact you for what they are looking for.

Many people think they know or understand what SEO is, but in reality they may have a little bit of knowledge and have ranked in the past for a search term but a serious SEO can rank every time for any search term they go after.  So if you struggle in ranking keywords then you need someone with experience that will rank your website and not get you de-indexed on the search engines.

Why is SEO important to rank in the search engines?

This makes your website visible to the search engine bots that search your website for relevant content and information relating to the search terms you are attempting to rank for and then ranks you on their engines when people search and companies that are in charge of these search engines have algorithms that determine what should be on the first page and what should be ranked on further pages.  Google has what is called a “Rank Brain” and this is an addition to the Google Hummingbird update that allows Google to learn more about what people are searching for and give it’s searchers better content.    So, if you have the best content for a specific term but the search engines don’t know about it or think that your content is relevant to the term then you will not rank for the term you are trying to rank for.  This is why SEO is important for your business website.

Can I rank without SEO?

Depending on the competition in your market will determine whether you can rank for a specific search term or not. So, in short, Yes you can but you will work much, much, much harder then if you have proper SEO to your website.  This is because there are many things yo must have properly completed on-page for your website so that Google bots and spyders can roam through your website easier and understand what your website is about.  If you are in a highly competitive market and do not have any SEO done you will not show up in the search engines but if you are in a very noncompetitive market then you may show up for very few search terms but more than likely you will only rank by luck in this situation.


Your Options for SEO:

Low-Cheap Class SEO:

All I can say is you get what you pay for.  you may obtain some higher rankings but this type of SEO is short term and at a high risk of getting your website removed from the search engines and de-indexed. You can find these type of SEOs on various free advertising platforms because they need to avoid all unnecessary costs, (some of which are necessary to rank higher), so that you, the client, will gain some quick rankings but these will not stick around for a long time.  Do you really want to take this chance with your business?


Moderate Class SEO:

This Moderate type of SEO is much safer and is affordable for business with a small profit margin.  It will get you ranked for some high competitive search terms but not many.  You will rank for more long-tailed and non-competitive keywords, but you will start to see some results. This will keep some business owners satisfied and the costs for this level of SEO are much more manageable than the service that many high-level business corporations use to manage their search engine optimization.


High-Class SEO:

The High-Class type of SEO will be able to rank you for any and every keyword you want.  Do not expect this high competitive SEO to perform miracles because ranking speed is determined by the search engines but when this is done properly you may start to see 1st-page rankings within 3 – 6 months and sometimes longer depending on the competitiveness of the market.


So, what type of SEO do you need?

We can help you determine what type of SEO you need for your business.  All you have to be able to do is follow directions and our experience will be able to analyze your business and give you a quote that will fit the needs of your company. In the end of your decision making you really must ask yourself if you are in business to make money or in business for a short period of time.  If you are only going to be in business for a very short period of time then hire someone that is cheap and going to “rock your world” so to speak and then after a short time get your website de-indexed and then you will not need or have any desire for this website ny longer.  OR if you are someone that wants to stay in business for the long haul then you need to find a quality SEO that can rank you for any search term you desire.  Some search terms will take a lot longer to rank on the search terms and others will be much easier and you will start to see results very quickly.  Our team of professionals will take a look at your business and first send you a video analysis of where you rank for some important topics for your website and what the plan of action we can take to start you on the pathway to success in the industry.

If SEO seems like a good fit for you and your business then please follow the link to our Discovery Page, fill it out in its entirety and then we will get that free video analysis out to you within 24-48 business hours.

Visit the link for the Discovery Page at the top of this website and fill out the Discovery Form so we can connect with you and give you the best options with SEO for your company.



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